Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hollywood Movies Filmed in the Philippines - Part 2

I enumerated 10 Hollywood movies that were filmed in the Philippines in this blog entry. I thought I can no longer add to the list since I was thinking that our country was never been treated as good film location by movie producers. But I was wrong since there are more to name.

1. Too Late the Hero - This is a 1970 Anglo-American War directed by Robert Aldrich. The main actors are Michael Caine, Henry Fonda, Cliff Robertson, Ken Takakura, Denholm Elliott, and Ian Bannen.

The famous Boracay Beach is where this movie was filmed. Of course, Boracay was not famous at that time yet.

2. DNA - This was released in 1997. Mark Dacascos is the leading actor. There are few Filipino actors in this film like Tom Taus, Susan Africa, Joel Torre, Kris Aguilar and Aniceto Fulminar. It was shot mostly in Laguna, Quezon and Cavite.

3. Kiss the Sky - An American movie released in October 1999. It starred by William L. Petersen, Gary Cole and Sheryl Lee. According to wikipedia, the plot follows two men on a business trip to the Philippines.

4. The Boys in Company C was yet another Vietnam war movie filmed in the Philippines, this time back in 1977. Directed by Sidney J. Furie, it's an action film about five young Marines and how their lives were changed by duty in the Vietnam war. Filipino actor Vic Diaz appeared as Colonel Trang.

5. Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection is an action flick starring Chuck Norris, the Philippines became Colombia. Again the plot was simple -  good guys get kidnapped by lunatic. Delta Force comes to the rescue!

Some Filipino actors who appeared in the film are Dave Brodett, Rina Reyes, Subas Herrero, Ronnie Lazaro, Ruel Vernal, Roland Dantes, and Roldan Aquino.

6. I Come with the Rain - Josh Harnett has been in Diwalwal, Davao, Philippines for this unreleased film.

7. Black Mama, White Mama - Made in 1972 and starred by Pam Grier, this movie about prostitution was filmed in Manila.

8. The Great Raid – Starring Cesar Montano, Benjamin Pratt, Joseph Fiennes and Franco Nelson, scenes were shot in Cabanatuan City in 2005.

9. Back to Bataan -  This is a World War II movie which starred by John Wayne and Anthony Quinn. Quinns plays Captain Andres Bonifacio, the fictional grandson of Andres Bonifacio.

10. Real Glory - Believe it or not, this movie is very old. It was released in 1939. This movie is about the Philippine Constabulary.

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