Wednesday, April 22, 2009

12-year old Shaheen received a standing ovation from Simon Cowell

I always thought Simon Cowell is really very hard to please. In my years of watching him as a judge of singing competitions from United Kingdom to America, from X Factor to American Idol and back to Britain's Got Talent, I never saw him giving standing ovation to a performance by a contestant. But in the second week of audition of BGT in Cardiff, Wales, he did give it to a 12-year old boy named Shaheen Jafargholi.

Shaheen actually originally sang "Valerie" by Amy Whinehouse but was cut short by Simon 5 seconds into the song saying that it doesn’t work for him and asked him to sing something else.

The young boy then belted out Michael Jackson’s “Who’s Loving You” which elicited warm applause from the audience. Simon was definitely impressed as he and the other judges, Amanda holden and Piers Morgan gave him the standing ovation.

I really don't understand the mood of Simon. Personally, Shaheen is not the best singer I've seen in the show. Don't get me wrong there. He's good in his age but I've seen others who did better in their auditions but Simon never gave them the same act.

Well, Shaheen is definitely better than the first season runner-up, Connie Talbot but he is no better than the second season runner-up, Andrew Johnston.

Let's watch Shaheen's audition video.
Well, there is one good thing that happened to Shaheen with that performance. He was signed up by a local radio station and was given his own show. Yes, it's one-hour show on Swansea Bay Radio.

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