Thursday, April 23, 2009

Filipino -Australian Jal Joshua is a Runner Up in Australia's Got Talent

As expected by us, our very own Jal Joshua Lebumfacil did not take the grand prize in Australia's Got Talent but he did make us proud by proving to everyone that the myth that all Filipinos can sing is true.

We wrote in this blog entry our opinion about his voice.

But it was Jal Joshua who gave the winner, Mark Vincent, a hard fight after all the other six finalists were eliminated. Jal and Mark were the last two acts.

We also salute how Jal handled the situation. He was really such a sport.

"You're really awesome. I hate opera but you're really good." This is what Jal told to Mark right after the winner's proclamation which drew admiration from the audience.

Mark performed an opera song by the late Luciano Pavarotti. His soulful rendition of Nessun Dorma is what influenced the viewers to choose him as the winner of a quarter of a million Australian dollars.
Jal sang Barry Manilow's One Voice. The performance was staged on the 15th of this month but the announcement of the winner was just last night only.

Jal received good words also from the judges of the show.

Dannii Minogue said, "The purity of your voice is so beautiful. I actually watched the show back again just to see you sing and if there was young talent time, you'll be on it so we could hear you singing every week."

Grant Denyer also said, "He continues to blow us ever since. There is no doubt we discovered an incredible young talent with a very broad future ahead. You are an unbelievable talent. Well done, an extra ordinary talent, a great discovery.

Well, to you Jal. You're such a nice kid and with proper trainings, I know you make it far in singing. Continue striving for the better.

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