Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Re-introducing the Third Batch for the Search of the Goddess of Philippine TV

Hi everyone. Our second week of elimination for our search for the Goddess of Philippine TV is closing two days from now. That is on Saturday at exactly 11:59 almost midnight. The date is 27 February 2009. Thus, as early as now, we are re-introducing the third batch of another young and beautiful female young stars we have in the entertainment industry. Of these 20 artists, 10 are Kapusos and the other 10 are Kapamilyas.

Friends, this new set of 20 artists are asking your support, prayers and votes once again as they are vying for the sole title of the Goddess of Philippine TV. Their popularity and charisma are being tested for a week as they try to win your votes. So, if you like them, don't hesitate to cast your vote here in our site everytime you wish. You can find the poll at the third column or at the right side of this page.

The 10 Kapuso in no particular order are Heart Evangelista, Jennylyn Mercado, Kris Bernal, Glaiza de Castro, Rochelle Pangilinan, Camille Pratts, Rich Asuncion, Michelle Madrigal, Maureen Larazabal and Alyssa Alano.

On the other hand, the 10 Kapamilya in random are Angelica Panganiban, Bea Alonzo, Carla Humphries, Riza Santos, Jodi Santamaria, Maegan Young, Erich Gonzales, Maja Salvador, Sacy Aguila and Janelle Quintana.

The lucky young stars who will make to the Top 10 after a week move on with the competition. They will be included in the Top 50. While those young stars who will fail to advance to the highest 10 spots will be eliminated and it would be the end of the road for them.

Their luck is absolutely in your hands. Don't be shy to click your votes. Don't be shy to visit our site. Speak up your mind.

We are re-introducing them as early as now so that you will have enough time to campaign for them. By 12 midnight of 28 January 2009, you can start voting for them. Mark your calendars now.

Just to add this, the supporters of those artists who survived our first week of elimination and those artists who are waiting for their scheduled face off, you can vote them here. The result of this SEPARATE POLL will come into play during the Final 10.

We thank everyone who are religiously supporting our poll. We love you and we hope to hear comments from you guys. Let's enjoy this.

Salamat. Merci Beaucoup, Thank You, Gracias, Shokran, Arigato, Shokria.

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