Saturday, February 21, 2009

GPTV Top Ten for Week 1: Who are moving up to Top 50?

Our first elimination for our search for the Goddess of Philippine TV was concluded last night at 11:59 pm Philippine time (20 February 2009). The Top 10 who moves on to Top 50 has been named.

Siete contra Dos? This time, it's Siete that took most of the top positions at the totem pole although a Dos talent managed to grab the highest position.

Nine Kapuso talents fought hard to locked their positions on the Top 10. The only lucky Kapamilya in the group is Laarni Lozada who dragged the flagship of her network on top out of 20 female young stars we have today on Philippine television.

The nine kapusos are Aicelle Santos, Marian Rivera, Jonalyn Viray, Sunshine Dizon, Chynna Ortaleza, Jackie Rice, Bianca King, Pauleen Luna and Carlene Aguilar. Only Krissa Mae Arrieta of the defunct Gobingo who didn't make the cut.

We have a very successful poll for this week. All in all we received a total of 46,324 pageviews for the poll alone and out of this number, a total of 22,731 turned out as votes. The final vote tally is as follows:

Laarni Lozada - 7,527
Aicelle Santos - 6,498
Marian Rivera - 2,523
Jonalyn Viray - 1,235
Sunshine Dizon - 634
Chynna Ortaleza - 604
Jackie Rice - 603
Bianca King - 601
Pauleen Luna - 596
Carlene Aguilar - 492

These female stars in the Top 10 are our first in the Top 50. They will be entering another elimination on 31 March 2009. Their votes they accumulated last week will be forfeited now since these were just meant for the weekly elimination. But don't stop voting them at Mister Poll or just by clicking the VOTE for GPTV at the menu tab of our blog. Their votes in that separate poll is what makes 15% of their overall score if they are lucky to be included in the Final 10.

The mostly Kapamilya female young stars who were eliminated in this face off are:

Kim Chiu - 378
Christine Reyes - 151
Krissa Mae Arrieta - 150
Cathy Gonzaga - 150
Anne Curtis - 194
Karylle Tatlonghari - 128
Melissa Ricks - 87
Gaby dela Merced - 63
Mariel Rodriguez - 62
Sheryn Regis - 55

It's too sad for these ladies at the bottom 10 for it's the end of the road for them. In the history of our Goddess of Philippine TV, they will be remembered as the first young stars to say goodbye.

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