Monday, May 11, 2009

'Confucius Invented Confusion' says Giosue Cozzarelli, a Miss Panama 200

"Who was Confucious?"

That was the question that barred a contestant of the Miss Panama 2009 to continue with the pageant. She was disqualified immediately by the pageant organizers. I pity the beautiful Giosue Cozzarelli.

Cozzarelli was asked in a pre-pageant interview infront of a big crowd with that question. She confidently answered, "Confucius...was one of whom invented confusion and that's why...ehhh... One of the most ancient, he was one of the Chinese Japanese who were one of the most ancient. Thank you!"

Honestly, I don't know much about Confucious except that he was one of the greatest Chinese philosophers of all time. Am I right with this? That was not a fair question to a beauty pageant. Beauty pageant is not a quiz bee.

Giosue fans are protesting her elimination, claiming that it was not fair that a question related to knowledge was asked instead of a question that required one's personal opinion.

I admit I almost died laughing when I watched the video but I just wish Giosue will be strong enough to face this controversy or "scandal" produced by a beauty pageant.

You'll have to excuse the weird laugh sequence at the end: this was the only video on YouTube with an English translation (so far)

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