Monday, March 30, 2009

Know Something about Blogsvertise

I guess there are no big stories today in our showbiz so there's nothing much to write except of course if our informants or our Pusang Gala feed us with another inside stories about our favourite stars.

But I guess this is the best time also to answer all the questions that were thrown to us by some concerned individuals. I just would like to remind everyone that if you're planning to write us, please make sure to include a valid e-mail address because we usually get frustrated if we see our mails getting returned to us by the system. We love to write back to our e-mail senders. For sure, some of you will agree.

Anyways, we would like FriendofaStar to know that we already have tried to register with blogsvertise as you have suggested but we guess there is a minor problem. I guess blogsvertise prefers sites  that has its own domain. Our blog is hosted for free with blogger. Not only that, we write mostly our stories in Filipino since our target are the Filipinos of all ages and not only just the working class. I guess they prefer sites written in English. Though we aren't in that category, there is still a little chance for us to be considered.

Well, blogsvertise is pretty popular since I've been seeing this many times while browsing other blogs. For the benefits of those who don't know anything about this, blogsvertise pays you for every article you write about their clients. They assign you a writing task to complete and submit back for approval. Once the article is approved, you are paid through paypal.

The good thing about this site is that you don't have to endorse the product or their client. Just a mention of it and links to the client's website in your blog entry will do.

This is good for bloggers like us who just love writing. But not all blogs will be approved since they have to see if their requirements are being met. But, thanks anyway to FriendofaStar for the suggestion. There is no harm in trying, as the cliche goes.

More on FriendofaStar, she would like like to tell everyone who are voting on the Goddess of Philippine TV that some of the artists in our poll would like to thank the fans for the support. They're extremely happy for knowing that they have fans who are so dedicated to give their idols the sole title of Goddess of Philippine TV.

We at Siete Contra Dos would like also to tell everyone that there are few of them who have expressed happiness for knowing where their fan bases are coming from. We provided to some of them the list of the fan forums and discussion boards dedicated to them. So, it could be your idols are also reading your boards. Who knows?

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