Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Choose the Most Handsome and Sexiest Philippine Actors in our Adonis Award

We are happy to announce that we, here at Siete Contra Dos, have finally agreed on the  concept we are employing for our First Adonis Annual Award. We have already finalized the draft and we are launching this tomorrow - 01 April 2009.

Like what we have said earlier last month, Adonis Award aims to find the Most Handsome and Sexiest Philippine Actors on TV. The use of Adonis is for obvious reason. Adonis is the symbol of the most handsome man in Greek literature. We are obviously looking for the most handsome actor as dictated by the public.

This award is the counterpart of the Goddess of Philippine TV.

What we did earlier, we have highlighted all the features that make a man desirable and handsome, from hair to nails and everything you've never imagined. From this list, we picked up the best features we think that best dictate the physical beauty of a man -  these are the first things women usually look at or admire in them.

The following are the physical attributes of a man where we derived some of our categories to determine our finalists for the First Adonis Annual Award -  face, eyes, lips, legs, abs, skin, butt, and  the "bulge". Yes, you've read it right.

Don't frown on our selections.

After considering everything, we have came to an agreement on these 10 categories:

1. Actor with the Most Charming Face
2. Actor with the Most Expressive Eyes
3. Actor with the Most Kissable Lips
4. Actor with the Most Captivating Smile
5. Actor with the Most Toned Abs
6. Actor with the Most Athletic or Manly Legs
7. Actor with the Most Appealing or Desirable Complexion
8. Actor with the Sexiest Butt
9. Actor with the Most Erotic Bulge
10. Best Dressed Actor

  • We will ask everyone your best choice in all those 10 categories listed above in a survey form. This will be conducted while Goddess of Philippine TV is ongoing. The 30 most nominated in each category will be announced two or three days after the announcement of our Sole Goddess of Philippine TV.
  • We will announce the winners of our 10 Awards. Whoever gets the number one spot in each category wins the award.
  • Then, we will ask for your votes to narrow down the 30 names/nominated actors in each category only to 15. Your vote makes up 50% while the other 50% comes from the ratings or scores of our 10 judges.
  • Those lucky 15 names/nominated actors from the ten categories will be ranked by a point system. They earn points in every category they have been nominated. The top position, which is number 1, has the highest points. Of  course, the lowest position which is number 15 has the lowest points. Whoever gets in to the first 100 top positions will be declared the Top 100 Most Handsome and Sexiest Philippine Actors.
  • We then ask again your votes to help us determine their ranking in the Top 100 for a period of time. 50% comes from your votes and 50% from the judges scores again.
  • After the deadline, we will announce their ranking.
That is how we select the Most Handsome and Sexiest Philippine Actor. This is easier as compared to our Goddess of Philippine TV.

Nomination starts tomorrow,  01 April 2009. Check this out.
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