Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Enrique Iglesias Admits He's Half-Filipino

For years I have been wondering if Enrique Iglesias, the famous Spanish singer and the current boyfriend of tennis superstar Anna Kournikova, has acknowledged his Filipino roots. Enrique's father is the famous Julio Iglesias, Sr. and her mother is the Filipina socialite, Isabel Preysler from Cebu.

I was really in doubt if Enrique "knows" this fact since I have been reading a lot of articles about him, watched him on some videos but I can't remember a single instance where he mentioned about this.

I even remember him when he serenaded the finalists at the Miss Universe 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago where he was positioned between Spain's Daiana Noguiera and Philippines' Miriam Quiambao, two ladies in the Final 3 in that year. I was wondering who he was rooting for at that time.

Finally, I've read an article that Enrique mentioned about him being a half-Filipino. It was David Archuleta, American Idol 2008 runner up, who addressed this to Ricky Lo of the Philippine Star in an exclusive interview.

According to Archuleta who is in the Philippines at this time together with David Cook (the winner of American Idol 2008) for a concert, he was shocked when Enrique told him that he is also a half-Filipino when he had a chat with him while they were in London.

Now, I am curious whether Enrique or even Julio Jr. has visited the Philippines or not.

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