Monday, April 20, 2009

Gee Ann Abraham Takes Top Position in this Week's Elimination of GPTV

After garnering a total votes of 25,360, Gee Ann Abraham emerged victoriously in this week's elimination of the Second Face-off of the Goddess of Philippine TV search after placing on top of the ranking. Abraham defied all odds as her fans worked day and night to contest her closest rival, another Kapamilya star, Angel Locsin who settled second in the ranking.

Locsin accumulated 22,161 votes, just 3,199 points away from Abraham's votes. Earlier before the elimination, Locsin was touted to be the leading force in this batch of 10 female young stars who fitted against each other on this week's race to Top 5.

Locsin and Abraham just qualified to take their slots in the Final Top 25 of our 100 Top Female Young Stars of the Philippines where the Goddess of Philippine TV will come from.

Interestingly, the two artists are the only Kapamilya talents in this batch. The other seven are all Kapuso talents. Both of them managed to stay on top for most of the days in their elimination week.

Joining them on Top 5 are Jennica Garcia, Maxene Magalona and Nadine Samonte. All ladies are now also part of the prestigious Final Top 25.

Garcia is the leader of the Kapuso artists in this batch after placing third with 9,462 votes. Magalona came in fourth with 9,433 votes. Samonte was lucky enough with her 9,425 votes to snatch fifth place.
All of them will be back on April 29 for another round of elimination. They will try their luck again as they will race to the Final Top 10.

The five female stars who didn't make the cut this week are Julia Clarete with 9,406 votes, Yasmin Kurdi with 8,187 votes, Nikki Leona Dacullo with 7,882 votes, Aicelle Santos with 1,451 and Carlene Aguilar who got 1,372 votes only.

They are now eliminated.

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