Sunday, April 19, 2009

47-year old, Susan Boyle is going to win Britain's Got Talent 2009?

There is another video uploaded on youtube and dailymotion that is fast becoming phenomenal. Britain's Got Talent is creating a stir with the fantastic performance of a seemingly-nuisance singer who is aged 47. Eyes rolled in all corners when Susan Boyle entered the stage to perform her song, an act from a famous theater play, the Les Miserables.

When she mentioned her age and compared herself to Ellen Page, the audience started to laugh at her. She was referred to as a joke. Probably, in their minds, most of the audience were telling her to shut up and stop dreaming. Even the judges like Simon Cowell, look at her mockingly. They did not believe her.

But when Susan let the first tune out from her lips, the crowd went wild, not because Susan sang how they expected on her but they felt like an angel was singing in their noses. The unemployed, unassuming, cheery lady whose dream is to be a successful singer and perform in front of a large audience flawlessly rendered the song, "I Dreamed a Dream". She may not be as good as our very own Lea Salonga but her performance was incredible.

She got standing ovation and the audience were very much guilty for misjudging her earlier.
That was really amazing, huh.

Inaamin ko na napaiyak ako habang pinapanood si Susan. Minsan ko uli kasi napatunayan na ang tao nga naman ay mapang-husga. Minsan agad nating minamata ang mga nangangarap maging singer dahil sa kanilang edad at hitsura. Ito ang madalas mangyari. Aminin man natin o hindi, common ito sa atin.

For comparison, minsan naman basta bata at maganda ang nasa harap natin, mas marami ang titingin sa kanya bilang magaling na rin na mang-aawit. Nabibigyan sila ng importansiya dahil na rin sa edad nila at panlabas na anyo.

Well, si Susan ay parang si Paul Pott din noong unang taon ng BGT. Katulad ni Susan, hindi man masyadong kaguwapuhan si Paul sa sarili nating standard, pinatunayan niyang magaling siya nang siya ay manalo.

So, are we witnessing another repeat of a history? Will Susan be as lucky as Paul?

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