Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Siete Contra Dos is launching the search for the GODDESS OF PHILIPPINE TV.

This is our way of honoring the best female young star of our generation. When we say Goddess of Philippine TV, she must be the most successful, beautiful and popular young star of today. Aside from these qualifications, she should also be the best in acting category. In other words, she should be the creme-de-la-creme. She should also be a role model.


1. Public votes - you, the readers, fans and supporters
2. Scores from 10 judges - 3 judges are Kapuso addicts and another 3 are Kapamilya addicts; 4 are swing viewers

The 10 judges determine the Top 100 Female Young Stars we have today in our entertainment industry. To make the battle for both leading networks even, 50 female stars come from Kapuso and the other 50 are Kapamilya talents. The top 50 young stars on each channel will be evaluated based on Beauty (20%), Sexiness (20%), Popularity (30%), Acting /Singing Ability (15%) and Bankability (15%).


Every week, 10 Kapuso talents will be fitted against another 10 Kapamilya talents. These talents will be chosen randomly from the list of the Top 50 of each network the judges initially determined for us. So, there will be 20 talents competing for your votes every week for 5 weeks.

Each week, the top 10 will go on for the Top 50 Female Young Stars.

The remaining 50 female stars will again enter the second phase of elimination through public votes. Each week, 10 young stars will again try to win your votes. They will be chosen randomly. The top 5 on each week for 5 weeks will make the Top 25 Female Young Stars.

On the third phase of elimination, all the remaining 25 young stars will be fitted against each other for the Top 10 final slots. The 10 judges come back here to score the remaining 25 female stars. Their judgement makes 25% of the overall score of each female star and the remaining 75% comes from the public votes.

For the Final 10 Female Young Stars, the votes they garnered from day one until the proclamation of the Final 10 will make 15% of their overall scores. The other 75% comes from the votes they will gather from the from the day they were proclaimed Top 10 until the end of the search. We call that stage the Voting Marathon.
The 10 Female Young Stars with the highest accumulated points go on to compete for the title of GODDESS OF PHILIPPINE TV. They will be judge purely by the public at this time.

Here is the timeline:

Week 1-5: 10 Kapuso and 10 Kapamilya talents compete through public votes. The Top 10 will move on for the second elimination. TOP 50 are determined

Week 6-10: 10 talents chosen randomly from the Top 50 compete through public votes. The Top 5 will move on for the third round of elimination. TOP 25 are determined.

Week 11-14: All remaining 25 talents will be scrutinized by our 10 judges. The judges' scores make up 25% of the overall score of each talent. The public continues to vote during these weeks. The public vote in these weeks will be measured as 75% of the overall score. The accumulated votes the talents garnered since the first day of the competition will be added here so don't stop voting for your idols. A separate thread will be made for this. TOP 10 are determined.

Week 15-22: The remaining Top 10 Female Young Stars compete for the public votes.

Week 23: Announcement of the GODDESS OF PHILIPPINE TV. The winner of the Siete Contra Dos will also be determined.

This search is expected to run from February 14, on Valentines Day, to July 31 of this year.We are doing this to determine which channel has the best female young stars today.

So let's have fun and support your idols and this contest.

Thank you.

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