Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kapuso or Kapamilya?

The Philippine television industry is one of its kind in the world. It looks like there are only two networks operating in the country. If you look at it on a different angle, it seems like the market is so small and it does not offer much opportunity to budding artists and models.

In reality, there are actually more than ten television networks aside from the cable networks. The illusion that there are less than ten TV networks is due to the fact that the market is only being tapped by two networks. It is monopolized by only two competing networks.

These networks probably have the biggest resources - a fact that made them the leading Philippine television networks - that enable them to finance the best shows in the archipelago.

Today, in the Philippine context, young or old a-likes associates themselves only with either of the two networks. That is the pattern - a pattern that is becoming a tradition from this generation and most probably in the succeeding generations to come.

It is in this regard that the burden on what network is the overall number one lies on the shoulders of both networks. Both channels are determined to prove that theirs is the number one. Both of them are not ready to give way. One should be the number one and one should be the number two.

The race to viewers leadership is not just merely a race but also a race on which has the greatest share of the advertisers money. Afterall, this is business and business is all about money.

The funny thing about the two network wars is the idea that this is not just a war between two companies but also a "war" among the Filipino viewers. Yes, it's unbelievable but you must believe it. The network war divides the country into two. It's a war between Kapuso and Kapamilya.

So, the question is "Are you a Kapuso or a Kapamilya?

Hey, don't fight here. LOL.

This is only in the Philippines.


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